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All UK based limited companies, charities, and any branches of an overseas company must file a document called ‘year-end accounts’ with HMRC and Companies House at the end of every financial year.

It can be a daunting undertaking for any business owner. When required, they must also file a year-end tax return with HMRC for their directors, shareholders, and other stakeholders, such as bankers.

The changing format can confuse even the best business owners, and it can feel like a massive hurdle of extra work. The risk of getting it wrong is significantly higher, primarily due to the fundamental changes in the UK Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (UK GAAP).

Based on your bookkeeping records, Bradleys Accountants will prepare annual and statutory accounts, which will form the foundation of your tax return. Contact us to find out more!

Get an accurate report of your financial health

Our tax preparation and filing services are of a high standard. We turn around important jobs faster and smoother. Our scope of services is vast.

Get all accounts prepared hassle-free

Let us prepare your statutory year-end/annual accounts and submit them to HMRC, whether a sole trader or a partnership firm.

Let us submit your returns for you

We specialise in submitting abbreviated accounts to Companies House for small limited companies and sorting out your management accounts.

Stay in compliance with our help

Our accountants will be happy to prepare your financial statements in IFRS or UK GAAP. You’ll receive only quality work from us.

We will also handle statements for you

We’ll prepare and review annual confirmation statements just as soon as the anniversary of the incorporation date has passed.

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ACCA accountants

We are rather proud of the fact that we are an ACCA-member firm. It means we provide the highest standards of professional competence and conduct.


We love using Xero and QuickBooks to make it easy for your fast-growing business to manage your finances efficiently. Let's set up your business for success!

Fixed pricing

We don't haggle or negotiate when we raise an invoice. Our price is agreed with you before we start working together — nothing more, nothing less. We play fair!

Personal touch

When you sign up with us, you'll be assigned a dedicated accountant, who'll work alongside you as a point of contact for any queries you might have in the future.

Zero backlog

Always have a clear picture of your accounts at any time. Know better what’s happening in your business and stay in compliance with the law.

Tax efficiency reviews

Your dedicated accountant will conduct regular efficiency reviews of your books throughout the financial year, ensuring your accounts are always in order.

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