Payroll and auto enrolment services

Payroll can be a nuisance for all businesses, big and small. It requires complete knowledge of PAYE, pension auto-enrolment and specialist software.

Our payroll services are designed to ensure a better workplace.

Payroll is one of the most critical internal business functions requiring accurate and timely delivery with minimal errors. No doubt, it’s time-consuming, and you need to arrange cover if you don’t have a dedicated payroll team or your payroll staff is absent.

Thankfully, our trained payroll staff leverages specialised technology and expertise to deliver your payroll requirements accurately on time, every time — looking after RTI, auto-enrolment and liaison with HMRC.

Salaries, wages, bonuses, commission, overtime — these always need to be in order. And, of course, employee and employer taxes must be recorded and paid correctly. Why not let the experts take care of your business payroll?

Submit tax returns on time and avoid penalties

Having an expert look after your payroll is one of the most stress-reducing things you can do for your business. Our scope of activities won’t disappoint you:

Regular payroll processing

The Bradleys team will process the payroll ahead of time. We don’t believe in doing any task in a rush.

Up to date employee record-keeping

Let us maintain updated employee records and report headcount for accurate salary calculation.

Gross pay calculations

We compute timekeeping data from your feed, and calculate gross pay and tax deductions based on the hours worked, holidays, sickness etc.

Timely employee payments

There’s nothing better than paying your employees on time. We’ll make BACS payments through your bank account.

Work in compliance

Pick our brain to get insight into current and forthcoming legislation. Upgrade your payroll knowledge.

How Bradleys’ payroll and auto enrolment service works

The government introduced auto enrolment to help people save more for their retirement. It affects all businesses that employ at least one person who isn’t a company director. Failure to comply could result in a business being fined up to £2,500 per day, so it pays to have this under control.

All eligible employees between the ages of 22 and State pension age should be enrolled on a pension scheme. Following enrolment, they can choose to opt out of the scheme. As an employer, you will contribute toward employees’ pension plans.

Employees may also have to contribute depending on whether your payments alone meet minimum levels specified by the Pensions Regulator. Those who are not eligible can also volunteer to enrol in the scheme and be entitled to employer contributions. We’ll help you sort out the nitty-gritty of auto enrolment.

Our auto enrolment management service will:

Register your business with The Pensions Regulator.

Help you execute a plan that meets your obligations.

Provide employees TPR-approved assessment letters through payroll.

Automatically enrol eligible employees and manage opt-ins/opt-outs.

Re-enrol eligible employees not in a workplace pension scheme.

Why choose Bradleys?

ACCA accountants

We are rather proud of the fact that we are an ACCA-member firm. It means we provide the highest standards of professional competence and conduct.


We love using Xero and QuickBooks to make it easy for your fast-growing business to manage your finances efficiently. Let's set up your business for success!

Fixed pricing

We don't haggle or negotiate when we raise an invoice. Our price is agreed with you before we start working together — nothing more, nothing less. We play fair!

Personal touch

When you sign up with us, you'll be assigned a dedicated accountant, who'll work alongside you as a point of contact for any queries you might have in the future.

Zero backlog

Always have a clear picture of your accounts at any time. Know better what’s happening in your business and stay in compliance with the law.

Tax efficiency reviews

Your dedicated accountant will conduct regular efficiency reviews of your books throughout the financial year, ensuring your accounts are always in order.

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