How are ecommerce retailers preparing for Christmas 2016

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Ecommerce sales are becoming more and more effective. In fact, a recent survey by ChannelAdvisor found that 47% of ecommerce retailers are expecting an increase in online sales compared to 2015. Over 21% of these expect an increase of more than 10%.

People say Christmas starts earlier each year. Here’s a factual reminder of how far it really is: 50% of the survey respondents said they started their 2016 Christmas campaigns in August or earlier! When comparted to 2015, only 42% online retailers started preparing for Christmas by summer.

Now you can figure how far ahead of Christmas online retailers are. We just want you to prep up.

So which days are online retailers gearing up for this year?

What are the most popular tactics?

Digital marketing and advertising remain the most popular tactics.

Mobile apps are not far behind.

How are online retailers attracting customers?

What about payments?

After credit/debit cards, PayPal is the most popular payment method. At 19% Amazon Payments is not far behind, while 6% cosnider Apple Pay to be a popular payment option.

What are the biggest challenges online retailers face?

Not surprisingly, 51% of the respondents said order fulfilment is the biggest challenge this year. This is mostly because Christmas Day falls on a Sunday. As a result, 38% of retailers are offering a 20th December cut-off date this year for guaranteed on-time deliveries.

Sage advice for online retailers

According to Mike Shapaker, managing director, EMEA at ChannelAdvisor,

"Consumer expectations continue to increase. They expect high quality products at a competitive price, delivered quickly and for free. As we approach the busiest time of year for online retail, these expectations are amplified. In this highly competitive environment, retailers that can deliver on consumers' high expectations will dominate."

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